The Latest in Manicure Trends

Choosing a nail color and design during your manicure can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of different styles that you could try. If you’re not sure how you’d like your nails to look, then why not follow a recent trend? Here are five manicure trends that are hot right now.
1. Shimmering Nails
Designs that use glitter give your nails a shimmer appearance. While this look is always cute, glitter polish is great for festive occasions like birthday celebrations, baby showers, or Christmas parties. If you want something new that makes you feel like a queen, then ask your manicurist to use a nail polish with glitter.
2. Jewel Tones
Like the glitter nail polish, jewel tones will make you look and feel stylish. For extra pop, have your manicurist paint each nail a different color of your choice. If you don’t like that idea, have your manicurist paint your nails the same color and pick one nail to have a simple design like a flower or a heart. This will instantly make your manicure look even more glamorous.
3. Gradient Colors
Another fun trend in manicure is gradient color. Instead of having your nails one solid color, you can have two or more colors on your nail. You could have your manicurist paint the base of your nail light blue, the middle a soft shade of pink, and the tips a cute purple color. This gradient look is a fun alternative to your typical manicure.
4. Chevron Designs
The chevron pattern is popular right now and looks great on nails. If you haven’t seen this pattern before, it looks like V’s that have been connected. These patterns are fun and add a whimsical appearance to any manicure. Since patterns can sometimes be distracting, you might want to consider having a chevron pattern on one or two nails and painting the other three a solid color.
5. French Tips
The French manicure is always a popular choice for a nail design. Your manicurist will paint a simple white strip on the edges of your nails then apply a layer of clear nail polish. The French manicure is classic and looks elegant no matter where you are.
It’s tough to choose a design for your manicure. If you’re not sure what to pick, ask your manicurists for advice on the latest trends. They’ll know which trends are in and which ones are out.

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