How to Get the Most from Your Manicure

Keeping your manicure looking fresh and beautiful between appointments can be hard. Chipped nail polish, unsightly cuticles, or cracked nails can be avoided. To make sure your manicure looks great all the time, follow these simple tips.
1. Skip the sanitizer.
The alcohol in your hand sanitizer is bad news for your manicure. It can loosen nail polish, cause dry skin, and damage your cuticles. Instead of reaching for the sanitizer, try washing your hands in warm water with antibacterial soap. Doing this will kill germs without killing your manicure.
2. Use gloves frequently.
Gloves are a great way to protect your manicure. Use them to avoid extreme temperatures like when washing the dishes in hot water or going outside on a windy winter day. You should also use gloves anytime you’ll be exposing your hands to products that contain harsh chemicals.
3. Top It Off
Your top coat is your first line of defense in keeping your manicure looking pretty. Every two or three days, you should update this protection with a new layer.
4. Avoid heat.
If you’ve ever woken up the day after a manicure and found that your nails had imprints from your bed sheets, you’re not alone. Many people experience this after getting a manicure. It takes your nail polish twelve hours to cure even if your nails are dry to the touch.
Heat doesn’t allow your nail polish to cure and causes those sheet imprints you see. It also makes it more likely that your manicure will crack or chip prematurely. Try to wash your hand in cool water and avoid hot showers or saunas for the next twelve hours.
5. Take care of your cuticles.
After you’ve been wearing the same manicure for a while, you might be tempted to push back your cuticles. But don’t do that since pushing on you cuticles can make your nail polish loosen from the fingernail base. You can keep your cuticles looking great and hydrated by using cuticle oil every night before bed. Dab a few drops on and you’ll wake up with visibly healthier cuticles.
6. Don’t go for the matte look.
When it comes to having a long lasting manicure, skip polishes that have the matte finish. Matte finishes wear off faster and show mistakes easier. Instead, choose a nail polish with a shiny finish or one that contains glitter. Both of these options will keep your nails looking better longer.

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